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What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are the sponsored pay-per-click ads that appear right at the top of Google’s search results. These search query results require competitive analysis and bidding skills that can radically increase your traffic and conversion rates. This digital advertising platform also includes Display advertising, retargetting, and the use of advertising through other Google platforms and those of their partners. Managing a Google Ads account is best left to professionals who can maximize your spend through well established strategies and analysis.

We’re Google Partners

google adwords partnerAs Google Partners, we provide professional Google Ads management services for any Chicago business looking to gain an edge for their online advertising campaigns. Our partnership with Google ensures that we receive competitive recommendations of best practice techniques for your account. These well-proven methodologies maximize your advertising budget by isolating cost-effective keyword phrases that position your products or services at the forefront of your target market. And, they isolate genuine intent to purchase.  Your campaigns match your audience’s needs to the solution they’re looking for.

Certified Google Ads Campaign Specialists

Creating an effective Google Ads campaign isn’t as easy as it looks. It takes expertise and experience to skillfully analyze your competitors’ tactics in order to bid more effectively within your advertising budgets. Most small businesses don’t realize the hidden costs of not professionally optimizing their Ads account. They end up overpaying for click throughs by using poor keyphrases that may bring in a lot of traffic but not from your target audience. It’s definitely not as easy as whipping up an advertisement and bulk selecting the appropriate keyword terms for your niche. We recognize that increasing your reach requires a deeper analysis of all of the various metrics and conversion factors within your account including call-out extensions, scheduling and cost analysis.

PPC Optimized Landing Pages

Save time and money by optimized your landing pages. What’s the use of investing in an ad that leads people to a generic page? We can optimize your PPC targeted landing pages need to match your message effectively. A great landing page informs and engages your audience with unique value propositions that clarify and fulfill your audience’s needs more specifically.

Google Ads and Google Shopping Account Setup

As certified professionals we can be trusted to set up or manage your Ads Account and/or Google Shopping account effectively. We’ll formulate streamlined campaign structures, personalized reporting solutions and in-depth Analytics insights that save both time and money. Our personalized approach makes sure we reach and connect your visitors to the most appropriate landing pages on your website.


Campaign Optimization and Micromanagement

We create professionally structured PPC campaigns that include both campaign and adgroup creation, keyword research and bidding analysis that can radically boost your keyword quality scores and ultimately raise your brand awareness for your product or service. We maintain these on a regular basis as outlined in our pricing below.

Structured Account Management and Research

Our keyword research strategies identify the full range of positive and negative keywords that relate to your targeted niches. These are categorized into specific keyword groupings and managing settings, avoiding unnecessary click throughs. We also incorporate Google updates and new features as they come available.

We don’t just create the ads. We thoroughly split test proposed ads according to well proven standards to produce highly targeted ads that convert more effectively. We create intuitive step-by-step sales funnels that are designed to make your ads convert.

We also micromanage your adgroups and your keywords while optimizing maximum bids as part of the process.

Other PPC Platforms

Pay per click advertising is not only about Google Ads, it also includes Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Google Shopping, and Google retargeting. We also create and maintain campaigns for other social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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