“In desiring a marketing strategy, we were looking to take a holistic approch to the process. Other marketing groups in the past simply too a costly “advertising” approach that didn’t strive to focus on any one group. Working with The Price Group was refreshing and achieved the holistic strategy that we were after. By first reviewing our business structure, processes, target markets, and resources The PRice Group then laid out a comprehensive marketing plan that accentuated our strengths while being mindful of our capital and resources. Since using The Price Group we have penetrated new markets and have a legitimate direction for our marketing strategies.”

– Doug Apicella, Vice President of Operations

Situation: An established regional office supply company was in the midst of intense competition from the national “big box” retailers. With the larger competitors locking in purchase contracts and offering significant perks, this company was looking for ways to grow its customer base.

Solution: The cornerstone of the marketing and management strategy was interviews with customers and the company’s leaders. This identified key strengths and strategic gaps that needed to be filled. Based on recommendations of The Price Group, the company hired a sales manager ?a new position with the company. Analysis revealed two key customer segments that needed to be addressed. One was clearly not being adequately serviced by the national retailers, and was a differentiated strength of the company. A comprehensive year’s marketing plan with specific tactics was created to address these two segments. As a result, the business is re-focused and energized about growing a customer segment that has huge revenue potential, and plays to their strengths and competitors’ weaknesses.

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