“We are so busy now. We’re working 6 days a week and are thinking about putting on another shift. I just got off the phone with a guy from New Jersey who “found” us on the internet and wants to place an order. We’re getting more and more of those requests – so the website is working! Thanks for all of your work with us – I really feel like you had a big hand in our turnaround.”

– M. Karkos

Situation: This manufacturer of laminated panels was experiencing the challenge of serving two distinct customer segments, each with its own dated brand. In addition to needing to support two brands, the company’s website and marketing materials had not been updated in many years, resulting in inaccurate content, little value to add to the user, and a design that did not reflect the size and capabilities of the company.

Solution: The Price Group worked with the company to create a new branding strategy, which included the creation of one cohesive and updated logo, and the creation of a new website and supporting marketing materials. Extensive new content was created, details related to purchase options were added, as well as education about choices available.

Since launch of the new materials the company has experienced significant growth to its core businesses, along with regular leads coming from its online presence.

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