Archives for April 2010

Social Media Marketing: Join the Conversation

If you’ve been following this series of articles on social media, then hopefully you have had some time to get started and listen in on conversations in your social media environment. Now let’s talk about the important next step – joining the conversation. Successful social media marketing programs … Read More »

Social Media Marketing – Step 1: Listen

If you’ve ever watched a relay race you’ve noticed that runners don’t stand at a dead stop when they grab the baton. They match the pace of their oncoming teammate as they take the hand-off. Just as that makes for a smooth transition, so, too, does matching the pace of the activity in social media … Read More »

Getting Started With Social Media – Begin With a Strategy

Social Media is hot, hot, hot. I’m often asked by newcomers how to get started. It seems so overwhelming! Let’s take a look at some of the first steps to getting engaged in social media. Like other new marketing methods, I find companies jumping into social media without a real plan. They may start … Read More »

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